Project: developing


I it should be helpful to focus on specific object to develop such a abstract topic. So, i use price tag as a further keyword because it suggest value, commodity and identification.

I collected different kinds of price tags, including some jewelry-use price tags. I looked for some general character of these tags.

Below is many price tags I collected from ebay.

shape: flat rectangle

color: mostly light color for conveniently marking price, occasionally dark oclor

material: cheap material, mostly paper, sometimes plastic. sometimes have gold blocking. often with a cotton or plastic thread to combine it, sometimes(mostly on jewelry) use siver wire.Scan_0001

Thinking about the relationship between people and price tag and commodity:

When we see a product, we often check the price tag to compare the price on it and the value we think the product worth. After buying them, people cut the price tag to change the product form commodity into personal belonging.

So i started to collect some abandoned price tags from my friends and thinking about how can it develop. Maybe i will use the shape? or use them as a material and recast them into other shape. Then we will see.


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