To develop the concept deeper, I think it will be useful to find some documentary, because documentary are usually visible, logical, and well-directed. I searched commodity, shopping and consumption, and found 3 useful documentaries. They are

Feeding the super rich, BBC, 2015

The 80’s – the decade that made us, National Geographic, 2013

与全世界做生意(Trade with the world ), CCTV, 2016


the first video talked about how the richest people in London live a luxury life and how people trying their best to meet their need and imagination in food and related industry.

In this film I found that the most luxury and expensive food are not actually about  taste, but about the rarity and the unique story behind products.

Such as caviar, percebes and  truffle.20150330_caviar捕获Scan_0002Scan_0003Scan_0004Scan_0005



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