Group Tutorial

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Today we talked with Jivan about our work so far. My problem still is not have done enough sample to show how it going with concept. It was really irresponsible for me to talk too much about what is only in my mind. And she suggest that I should present some pieces not only sample but also have good quality and can show details of the jewelry pieces I will make.

After seeing other’s work, I started to think about if it is good for me to continue making jewelry that based on construct concept. For sure, here is lots of contemporary jewelry  forced on concept but after days observation and thinking I think it may be a primary thing to do to focus on how it looks like and how the artist deal with material. Because firstly jewelry is a visual art, the appearance of work can show the personal aesthetic and reflect on individual style, which is really important for an artist. And what an artist do should be visual, not mental.

So again, is it good for me to continue making jewelry that based on construct concept? I have to admit that it is really hard to thinking about history and philosophy everyday and try to find some point to say. Actually I wasn’t that interested in this concept but it is actually worth talking. The problem for me is I always have too many things in my mind but I feel hard to shuttle down and start to make pieces before I think the concept is unassailable. It is not good. I should start to making pieces with metal early as I can.

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