Magritte, Broodthaers & Contemporary Art 

Magritte, Broodthaers & Contemporary Art shows art works of René Magritte.   i feel most about René Magritte is his highly diligent thinking and creating. He made so many impress and humorous work that I can imaging how he think about new work every second.   more researches about him find some pictures may be inspirational I… Continue reading Magritte, Broodthaers & Contemporary Art 

Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium

Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium Bruegel. Unseen Masterpieces is an exhibition about fine art and digital experience.   some details in Bruegel's famous The Fall of the Rebel Angels. I like the design of these monsters. With great fancy, Bruegel add carapace, Linearly aligned raised balls and jagged edges to these rebel angels.… Continue reading Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium