after tutorial


after tutorial with jivan, i got some comments and suggestions.

i know i need to read more, think more, do more work

first i should connect my idea, make it clear, so that i can talk about it with anybody.

then, the pieces i make should express properly, it should make people understand, with an well-designed display. The pieces I have made now is lace of connection and does not make to much scenes in this topic. I should use the way to were, use photography or video to build a context, because when people see the work at first time, they can only know me from what i have provided.

and there are some heuristic questions from her: Can people shopping everything? Can happiness be shopping? You may be very poor but very happy, or maybe you can buy the most expensive things but be not happy at all.

Think about shopping, think about what is really rare to you.



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