possibility analysing

Continue reading the essay A THEORY OF SHOPPING (D miller1998) and other publications of him while considering the next stage of my work…

I think these kind of theory could be classified as social anthropology category. More specifically, it is the subject of material culture.




reading list in related field:


Material culture and Mass consumption, D Miller, 1987

A Theory of Shopping, D Miller, 1998

Shopping, Place and Identity, D Miller, 1998

Stuff, D Miller,2009

Consumption and Its Consequences, D Miller, 2012


I Want That!How We All Became Shoppers, Thomas Hine, 2002

The Consumer Society, Jean Baudrillard, 1998

Consumer Culture and Postmodernism, Mike Featherstone, 1990

Sociologie de la consommation, Nicolas Herpin, 2004

消费社会学,Ning Wang, 2011

后物欲时代的来临, Yefu Zheng, 2007

消费的秘密,Yefu Zheng, 2007


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