at Museum of the City of Brussels




i am thinking about my project while walking along the museum of the city of Brussels.

the display of the dazzling art-ware make me think about the display of goods.

think about the stores, merchants give an illusion to customers using shop-windows. People stop at shop window, interested by so many goods and beautiful display, started to thinking about how there life can be changed if they purchase one of them.

Shopping make people feel happy, i think maybe one of the reason is that it make people full of illusion. When people go to city center and look at the shop-window, they can forget about their real life for a while and immersed in an illusion prevented by merchants. But these time is short, and we have to go home and go back to real life.

i think i can use the image of shopwindows to express how people feel about shopping. it seems like a possible direction.





a lovely exhibition about Manneken-pis

everyone in Brussels loves Manneken-Pis. Artists shows lot of strange imagination for it.


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