workshop: Reframe | Revision

Today we had a workshop called “reframe & revision”.

We started by potting some samples of our own project into a box with a instruction in it then close the box. Then we decided into 4 groups and pass on the box in each group. When someone get a box, she should first draw a picture on the paper then change the piece in any way she want. The next person who get the box will draw and change it again. The last person will finish the piece and do some packaging for the box to make it a “gift”.

After a whole turn we gather all the gifts up and everyone pick up her gift. It was very exciting to see how different the pieces was from when we put them.

The workshop today gave us some good way of open our mind and develop our work. Some times we are so in love with our pieces so that we can’t change it. We are afraid to break it. But actually when we are too focused on the details, it is helpful to have a step back and do some quick change. People have their own style and pattern to do their work. Should be careful when we get too used to our customary practice.



The gift I received.微信图片_20180615050748微信图片_20180615050942微信图片_20180615050922微信图片_20180615050927微信图片_20180615050932

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